Caffeinated content to energize your brand.

Someone needs to harness the power of words and make them into something useful, understandable, engaging and consistent — that's where I come in.

Imagine your Facebook page is an employee, out having conversations with your target audience. What would you like them to say? How would you like them to say it? What specific key messages would you want to get across? Should they crack a “that’s what she said” joke, or keep it strictly professional?

It's my goal to give each client and their content the attention it needs to be able to speak truly, accurately and consistently for their brand across each platform. No one likes an employee who goes rogue, so should your content be out there enjoying a messaging free-for-all? Probably not.

Let's work together, ideally over a cup of coffee (or four), and find the words that fit your mission, the platforms they belong on and then ask, “Now what?”

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  • Blogging
  • Copyediting
  • Copywriting
  • Influencer relations
  • Media relations
  • Social media
  • Strategic communications and content curation
  • Trade show support


Metafile Information Systems

Public Relations & Content

Alpha Element Institute

Media Relations & Social Media

Moraine Park Technical College


Ignite Minnesota Asian Power

Social Media & Content

Rochester Post Bulletin

Freelance Reporting

Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce

Content Creation

Dublin's Irish Pub

Social Media & Event Planning

Gosia's Photography


Alyssa Putzer

Founder & Chief Coffee Officer

Always caffeinated, always on the move and always ready for another adventure. As a kid, I drove my parents a little bonkers on family vacations. After completing one amazing activity, when the rest of the family was reminiscing on the experience or enjoying a moment of downtime, I was staring at them going, Now what?

I believe in the power, vigor and dynamism of the written word – in its ability to change meanings, adjust within different contexts, invoke feelings or actions and define a brand and its mission. So when I look at the various platforms content can go on, I get so stoked at the thought of molding these brand-defining words into new messages and am always thinking Now what?

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